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Panel: TYPO3 vs Other OpenSource CMS [90 mins]

Hey there, 
CAUTION: It will not be any debate to decide which CMS is the best. After all, CMS' are friends who are helping to make a better world with a great philosophy of OpenSource. 
What's Goal? 
The primary concern of this discussion, What could we learn from other CMS to keep improving our great TYPO3 CMS? 
What are the Topics? 

  • Core and TER Extensions Technologies: New era technologies, backward and forward compatibility etc.
  • Marketplace and Ecosystem: B2B/B2C TYPO3 Products Themes, Extensions, SaaS Solutions, etc.
  • Community and Communication: Different communities culture, work and activities.
  • Education: Language, Documentation, Forum, Videos, etc.
  • Future: Growth of TYPO3, CMS Market's Share, Demands and Supply.
  • Rapid Fire Round
  • Questions from TYPO3 Folks
  • Mathias Schreiber (TYPO3 GmbH)
  • Mathias Bolt Lesniak (Pixelant)
  • Benni Mack (Core Team)
  • Georg Ringer (Core Team)


See you at #T3DD19  

03.08.2019 17:15 - 18:00 T04 + T05:
Talk Advanced / Basic knowledge Talk Advanced

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