The TYPO3 Developer Days 2019

The T3DD train will come to Karlsruhe: we're all excited about meeting old and new friends in this beautiful city and technology hot spot in Southern Germany.

Learning together, coding together, meeting other TYPO3 people - what could be better? And yes, there'll be a party, too :-)

TYPO3 Developer Days is the place to be if you want to see what is happening within the TYPO3 universe. We will have stimulating talks around what's going on in the IT world as well as talks about what cool stuff people have done in and with TYPO3. So this event is for everybody interested in using TYPO3 from front end to back end, from hardcore nerd to newbie. 

We invite all of you to get together in Karlsruhe: we’ll have sessions held by community members and industry partners, and of course, we’ll also have time and space for you to get in touch with the core team and even to directly help you with your projects at the coding night. We are sure we’ll have a great time and that we’ll all come back home with more knowledge, more friends, and more inspiration.

We're happy to announce, that there will be the possibility to certificate on T3DD19. To get attend the certification please go to Eventbrite and get a Ticket. For any further questions regarding this certification round ask Tom Novotny -​​​​​​​​​​​​​​